Bambo Massage

The healing properties of Bamboo massage!

Bamboo massage is yet another unusual type of holistic treatment. It is believed that bamboo massage has many healing properties which help to alleviate muscle tension; pain and ache; improve joint function; increase circulation and helps to enhance quality of sleep. It will also make you feel relaxed but energised at the same time. In case you are not quite sure what bamboo is and what it symbolises in certain cultures, we will give you a brief summary here.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It is in fact a grass and there are approximately 1200 species of bamboo. Bamboo is considered to have powerful healing properties in ancient China, Japan and Indonesia, hence, why it has been used as medicine. It still represents fertility, youth, prosperity, serenity and durability in these cultures. Bamboo was also used for bridges, musical instruments, furniture and much more. However, if you do plan on using bamboo as furniture you should consider getting medical friendly upholstery to keep it nice and protected.
30 Minute Massage : 20 €
45 Minute Massage : 25 €
60 Minute Massage : 30 €
90 Minute Massage : 35 €