What is SPA and what does it mean?

The word SPA actually means “Selus Per Aqua” in Latin, “Health from Water” or “Health from Water”. The origins of SPA go back to the Romans anyway. Spa, which spread to Europe over time, basically covers water and family therapy and care. The places where these services are provided are defined as SPA or Spa Center.

In spa treatments, natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and professional massage techniques are also applied along with water. Those who come to the spa center can choose one of these massages or treatments.

Spa treatments can be of various types, from cellulite treatment to skin care or stress-relieving massages. Our answer to those who are wondering what a spa is and what it does will be as follows; With spa massages and treatments, it is possible to get away from the stress of the day, to revive, to relax, to receive anti-cellulite treatment, to do facial and skin care, to be cleaned, in other words to benefit from all kinds of therapy.

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